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Our Church
The Church of the Open Bible of Greenville, Maine, began in 1969 with the help of Christ-for-the-Lumberjacks-Mission. The Church of the Open Bible is an evangelical, fundamental, Bible believing church with no denominational affiliation. The church is located on the corner of Rte. 15 and Sherwood Avenue in Greenville, Maine. We are non-traditional in many ways, neckties are not a general habit and it is common in the summertime to have many people attend dressed in vacation wear. We have an offering box in the back of the sanctuary and except for special gifts, the plate is not passed during services. We worship God with a mixture of Contemporary Praise music and Traditional Hymns. The church desires to have a strong evangelistic and missions outreach as well as Biblical discipleship for new saints. A Council of Elders leads the congregation. The immediate vision of the church is to maintain its unity and become obedient to the commission to “make disciples”.

Welcome to Church of the Open Bible Greenville, Maine

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